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Server License

The license for new customers.

50 EUR




Felix G.Owner & Development

By the time wanted to create a network with my friends, a CloudSystem was something for the large networks. I wanted to give everybody the possibility to create a professional network him- or herself.


Maurice K.Development & Support

I wasn't enthusiastic about the support, so I decided to write a TicketSystem for the company. My system went live directly and since then the support is great!


Lukas I.Support

I'm helping on the Discord and TicketSystem just wherever I can. I never had I a license on my own, but after I was positively noticed the team took me up and gave me a license to test the software on my own.


Christian S.Support

I am regularly in the Discord and help where I can. I was invited to the team because I already helped a lot of people on the Discord. It's a lot of fun to be part of the team, because we also play games together if there is not as much work.


Elias K.Support

I was the first moderator working for the company. I had much time so I asked Felix if I could help him with his customers. Since the release I take care of customers to make sure that nobody is dissatisfied.